What should be done in the following cases?

Mechanical cuckoo clocks

The clock is running too fast/slow:

  • Check that the pendulum is properly mounted.
  • If your watch goes too fast, slide the pendulum disc down until the pendulum swings every second. If the watch goes too slow, push the pendulum disc upwards.
  • Attention: A change of the pendulum disc by + - 2mm corresponds to approx. + - 10 min/day.

Cuckoo does not call:

  • The cuckoo door is secured for transport at the front with a small wire. Make sure this wire does not block the door.
  • Open the back of the cuckoo clock and remove the brackets on the bellows.
  • Make sure the night shutdown is turned off.

Cuckoo calls the wrong time:

  • Hour hand (small hand) is moved!
  • Beat the clock at the full hour, count the number of beats, slide hour hands by hand to the determined number of hours and press slightly to the dial.

Clock stops after a short time:

  • Watch case is slightly shifted or does not hang straight on the wall. Cuckoo door remains open and cuckoo stays outside.

Cuckoo door remains open and cuckoo stays outside:

  • The cuckoo tail is located above the wire. Open the back of the watch and place the cuckoo's tail over the wire.
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